I lead the front-end development team at Autovance, where we build "the operating system of the car dealership": our tools help dealerships build trust with their customers and, as a result, sell more cars!

Ever since I was young, I've been fascinated by cars (at least until my parents bought me a computer), so being able to work at the intersection of my two passions has really been a dream come true.

Software I've Built

...and other stuff I've helped build

Autovance Desk, Menu, and MyDeal
The greatest set of tools on the market for car dealerships.

Shadowbox (source)
The only screen capture utility for macOS that automatically puts a shadow around the captured region.

NiceJSON.com (source)
A privacy-focused JSON pretty printer, hosted online. Even though I know how to format JSON in VSCode, it's nice to have it in the browser somtimes.

Python library for binaural sound that uses HRTFs under the hood. Written during an independent study with Curtis Litchfield at the University of Lethbridge.

Roomba's Revenge (Global Game Jam 2019 Entry)
Because sometimes it's just really fun to build a stupid game about a vacuum cleaner.

The Astonishing Relay (source)
In the vein of Robin Sloan's "An App Can Be a Home-Cooked Meal", this is a simple geocaching-style game I built using Angular to pass the time during a global pandemic.

Lethbridge Tennis Club (source)
Web-based court reservation app for the Lethbridge Tennis Club, powered by Angular & Dark.


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